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A poor family receiving food in Honduras

If you have been following along we have been in a strict lockdown/quarantine for over 2 months which has greatly affected the lives of many people.  From the beginning, my heart was broken for those who already have been suffering in this country. The day wagers were greatly affected and now even those who had good jobs, have no income which means no money for food or to pay the bills. Quarantine does not look the same for everyone and actually has been extremely difficult for many people, especially in Honduras, it means going hungry. 

Remember, there is no government help.

All the donations that we have received have been a double blessing. Not only has it helped each and every family that we have given to but it has helped the lady who supplied us the food.  This lady has a little store and has not been allowed to open it during this entire time. So buying the food from her has helped greatly in sustaining her family, as well.

As things start to open up in the United States please take into consideration that Honduras is not opening back up anytime soon. In fact, as deaths and cases have been accumulating. It has been projected that our "peak" will actually be in June and July. The President announced on Sunday that the absolute lockdown will stay in place until further notice.

Please take a minute to watch the video and help us to continue feeding Honduras.

In the United States, most families can't even eat at a fast-food restaurant for less than $15.00.

Think about it! Just $15.00 can help feed a family of four for 2 weeks.

 If you would like to partner with us as we help feed Honduras just click on the link Paypal: Feeding Honduras

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