Ways to Help Others While On Lockdown

 I have been moved to tears these past few days not only out of compassion but out of frustration.
We are missionaries and right now there isn't much we can do. There is so much need all around us and we are quarantined to our homes. There are military in the street making sure people are obeying the orders.

However, in the midst of the efforts to "contain" COVID-19 it is actually is causing another problem...starvation.

I would say more than half of Honduran's population are day wagers meaning that they work daily to receive money for that day, and that's the money they use to eat.  If you don't work, you don't eat. Daily work is how they survive.  It's not just here in Honduras. It is happening all over the world. I just read an article India's poorest 'fear hunger may kill us before coronavirus' and it's the same thing I am hearing and seeing in Honduras.

Every time I sit down to eat with my children I honestly am so thankful that I have food to give them because I know there are so many, even within my own city, that are starving.

Here are three ways the hunger problem is affecting Honduras.

1. Hungry people are protesting.

In some low-income communities, they have been protesting (in large groups) on the streets, burning tires and demanding the government to feed them.  One of the reasons people are so angry is that the government has spent millions of lempiras (currency in Honduras) to combat the COVID-19 emergency which includes giving food to those who are in need.  Apparently, the food has not arrived.  We are going on day 9 of lockdown in which taxi drivers, bus drivers, those who work in the markets, etc have not been able to work.  These day wagers have gone 9 days without earning anything.

I saw a video, here in Honduras, where some reporters went into a mountain town where the kids had been protesting in the streets because they hadn't eaten in days. The reporters had a few boxes of bananas and the kids came running after them, almost in a state of survival, just to get there hands on a banana to eat.

Two people waiting for a bus

2. The elderly are still looking for work.

The elderly that work on the streets, selling popsicles, cutting grass, or doing other odd jobs are extremely high risk because they are continuing to do that same work, although people aren't buying. No one wants to buy an ice-cream from a street vendor now,  no one wants their grass cut because they spent all they had stocking up on food.  There is no social security and support for the elderly.

Yesterday, my husband and I were sitting outside and he asked me to go inside to make some sandwiches for an elderly man who was in his 80's. He had been pushing his cart looking for someone who wanted their grass cut. He was resting in the shade of our neighbor's Palm tree. My husband, Ruben, went to talk to him through the gate.  He hadn't had any work and hadn't ate. We give him some sandwiches and some extra food to take home.

This situation is happening everywhere.

3. The homeless have no resources.

The homeless are desperate. Since everything has been shut down those who collect bottles for a few dollars a day haven't been able to find anything and the recycling place isn't even open.  I read an article  and watched an extremely moving video about some homeless men in San Pedro Sula, which is about three hours away from us, breaking down and crying because they hadn't ate in 5 days and they were afraid of dying of hunger.  One of the men states in distress "We can't even find food in the trash."

Can you imagine the level of desperation they must feel? The poor, the elderly, the prisoners, the orphans, the unloved these are who God has called us to love; not just feel sorry for them.

Maybe you can understand my frustration of not being able to do much to help in this situation.  Prayers are important and we should be praying, and praying that God provides but if you can do something, you've got to do it.

Ruben and I have decided to be more aware of the people passing by on our street. There aren't many but we can reach out to the few who do pass. Giving them some food, an encouraging word, and praying for them can mean the world to someone in need.

The culture and situation is different in every country but I know there are ways to help wherever you may be in the world. I have been super encouraged to see friends of mine in the United States making cloth masks for medical workers, I saw someone's granddaughters draw a message with chalk on their sidewalk that says, "Smile Jesus Loves You" , I saw people driving around with posters on their cars with positive messages and scripture verses. There is always something we can do.

When you take your eyes off of your condition and focus on others God begins to work in our own lives. It feels great to be used by God, to love others the way He loves them.

Have you found creative ways to help others doing this pandemic? Please share in the comments,  I'd love to hear what you are doing.

If you would like to help us feed the hungry who pass on our street you can do so here.
Feeding the Hungry


  1. Praying for the people of Hondorus. Thankful you are able to help those less fortunate.❤

  2. thank you for shining a light on those who need it most!

  3. Wow. Thank you for sharing your story. It's easy to forget about what's going on in other parts of the world. May God bless you for your work in Honduras! <3

    1. It really is. We are consumed with what is happening around us and it is normal and natural. You're welcome. Hopefully we can do even more.

  4. Anonymous6:49 PM CST

    This is heartbreaking. Wish we could do more for them!

  5. Thank you for shinning light onto this subject. So many people are in bad places and if we can help we should.