Lockdown in Honduras

Concrete cross outside of a Catholic church

We have gone through some crazy stuff during our 6 years of living in Honduras. The political disturbances, migrations, protests, and bad weather but these were all specific to Honduras.

What we are going through now is not special because everyone else in the world is going through the same thing.  For the first time, in my life, I feel like there is solidarity for the Hondurans and other countries of the world that the first world countries tend to look down upon and criticize.

Maybe you have been one of those people but just remember in every situation there are two or more sides to the story.  How can anyone from the US, who has fought over and hoarded toilet paper, criticize migrants for wanting to leave and migrate somewhere else with the hopes of a better life?  There are no rules when it comes to survival, as we have already seen.

Giant concrete "La Ceiba" by the oceanside

Here in Honduras, we went from one extreme to the other. Last week we were letting flights come in from all over the world and cruise ships dock in Roatan. I was so frustrated because just last week the only preventive measure the government was doing was giving out hand gel. 

Unfortunately, like many other countries, Honduras didn't move until we got a case and as of last night, we are up to 9. All of them were recent travelers that had been admitted freely into the country without any testing, quarantine or restrictions at the airports.  Now here we are all borders closed, a nation-wide curfew in effect and all the major cities are on complete lockdown. There are police and military at all entrances of these cities with barricades not letting anyone in or out other than police, military, and medical staff.

It's really hard to be a missionary on lockdown.  I know I have students and friends who are in need and we can't leave to go visit or bring them something.  In every natural disaster or emergency, our first response is to get out and help, now I can't do that (in the traditional sense.)

I know the economic situation is bad here. I know most of the country lives day by day.  In the US most have the money to go and buy (hoard) and prepare. Here that was not possible. Most people only have money to buy for a week, if that. The rest buy what they need for the day.   I read people's comments when they went to lockdown and many people said they didn't even get a chance to go out and buy food for the days we will be on lockdown. There are people who are already going hungry. There is no social security or help for the elderly. I saw this image yesterday and it breaks my heart because I know how true it is.

An elderly man selling something on the street
This picture is not mine but I wasn't able to find who took it.
  It says, "Being quarantined is not easy when you live day by day."

This is an elderly man who sells popsicles....what he makes in a day is his wages for that day.  These popsicles cost L10.  There are L24 in one USD dollar.  If he doesn't sell, he doesn't get money. He doesn't have a pension plan, social security, or any kind of outside help. This is the story of the majority of people in this country.  It's heartbreaking. 

All the pastors who pay their church's bills and buys their family food with the offerings they receive are going without.  There is no online giving here....and again if people aren't working they surely aren't giving to the church.

So as a missionary on lockdown what are we doing?

 We are contacting our friends and church members offering mental support and advice.  We are having prayer meetings daily on Facebook live. We are praying and spending more time with the Lord and enjoying quality family time. 

It's all we can do. 


  1. I'm praying for your situation. I have a dear friend in Honduras, so I was very interested to read about this lockdown. May God have mercy and feed His people!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, we are believing there will be a great returning to the Lord!

  2. Praying for you and the people of Honduras! God has not forgotten and He is working!!

    1. Thank you for your prayers. "God has not forgotten" what a timely word.