The One Thing That Will Change How You Potty-Train

The One Thing That Will Change How You Potty-Train I read everything I could find on Pinterest, every article and every suggestion. What I discovered seriously changed everything for me. I truly believe it's what made potty-training nonstressful and easy. In my opinion, it is the best potty-training technique out there. Don't be alarmed if you are a full- time working mom because I am, too.  I know it is hectic and there never seems to be enough time, but I promise you this is attainable. Related post: How I Fit In Quiet Time as a Busy Mom

The seemingly impossible potty-training stage doesn't have to be dreaded. I have a boy and a girl and this technique worked on both of them. I had the exact same results, within three days both (at different times) completely potty trained (during the day) before they turned two. Night training comes much later, so don't even worry about that yet.
Boy toddler crying about potty-training

What did I do that made it so much easier? Well, first I was a cloth diapering mom. I have no scientific evidence to back up my claim, but I do feel that cloth diapers help with the potty training process because you can feel the wetness in which you can't in a regular disposable diapers. So at about 8 months or I began to use the EC method but only for pooping.

What is the EC Method?

EC stands for Elimination Communication. Basically, it is watching for the signs that your child is pooping and stop everything you are doing, run them to the bathroom and put them on the pot to finish their business. You can read a more in-depth explanation here Elimination Communication: How To Potty-Train Without Diapers

Toddler feet dangling from toilet while trying to use the bathroom.

I began paying attention to the signs and, also, the times when my children were pooping. As soon as I noticed they were grunting or, whatever their cue was, I would run them to the toilet. Shortly thereafter they began saying, "poo-poo".

So my kids were halfway potty trained. I loved it, very early on I stopped having to wash poopy cloth diapers. Being that they were already pooping on the toilet they also began to urinate. I live in Honduras and they don't really have childcare so the most common is to have someone watch your kids at home. It worked out great because I was able to explain to their nanny what I was doing and she kept it up while I worked.

A few months before their second birthday I worked on full-fledged potty training during one of my breaks (I'm a teacher.)  I decided on the three-day potty training method and it worked great for us.
Neither of my kids had issues using the bathroom on the regular toilet, I just bought the little seat that goes on top, because they had already gotten used to sitting on the toilet since they were younger.  A really great article that really gave me great insight was Potty Training in Three Days

I went out and bought a new sippy cup, bought lots of juices, and they ate lots of watermelons. I brought them to the bathroom every thirty minutes.  We stayed home, they were naked, and I just dedicated those three days to them and getting them potty-trained. It worked. After the three days, I still had to be aware of the signs and continue to ask if they needed to go to the bathroom. I probably did that for a week or two until I felt confident they would tell me.  My son was a pro and never had an accident. Nor did I really have to ask him if he needed to go. My daughter is different. She occasionally has accidents and even now at three. She gets so busy playing that she doesn't want to go to the bathroom so sometimes I still have to remind her.  Kids are very different and you have to figure out what will work for you and your child. Please don't beat yourself up if this doesn't work for you. Just keep researching and keep trying.

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Have you already passed the potty-training phase? What are some things that worked for you?

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