Teach Your Kids Generosity When Society Doesn't

I think being a teacher has prepared me a little more for motherhood.

I definitely have more patience, now, than I had before. I also know that kids learn by doing. If they like and enjoy what they are doing, they are more apt to learn. As a mom, one of my greatest desires is to raise non- materialistic children, who love Jesus, and have compassion for others. My parents did a superb job in that area with my siblings and me. I hope to model some of the things they instilled in us, with my own children.


How To Teach Generosity To Your Kids At Christmastime When Society Doesn't

Teach Your Kids Generosity When Society Doesn't- How to Teach Generosity to Your Kids During the Christmas Season When Society Teaches Them The Very Opposite. How To Raise A Generous Child

 My kids are still very young but it is never to early to start to teach children about giving.  Honestly, to teach your children to be givers you have to start before Christmastime. Christmastime is the ultimate test to see if your children really understand the concept of giving. Everything you see is based on receiving instead of giving. We've been doing different activities and crafts to teach our children the real reason for the season. Even at a young age, in a different country, the consumerism of Christmas has a huge influence on our children.  So you, the parent, have to take the initiative and teach your kids about generosity and the true meaning of Christmas.

Honduran girl opening Christmas gift-Honduras, missions, Christmas outreach

Honduran Food Giveaway- missions, Honduras, Christmas outreach, food giveaway
We took our preteen group "Ancla"  to an outreach for low income families.  We collected toys, clothes, and non perishable food to give away to children and adults who are part the church's feeding program.  On the way to the event we explained to our two kids that some of the children didn't have as many toys as they do and that we are going to give them Christmas gifts. I was a little weary that my oldest might get upset because he kept saying he wanted his Christmas gift, too. We explained to him that we are going to give the children their gifts and on Christmas he would get his gifts. I was delighted to see that they didn't complain or cry or cause a scene. Evan actually said he wanted to help give the gifts to the children.  Zoe loved hanging around all the youth group girls and I found her taking part of a prayer like she was one of them.

Praying at a Christmas gift outreach- Honduras, Christmas outreach, Missions

It was really a great day. I am so proud of, not only my children, but our students in Ancla. They worked really hard on preparing a drama to present to the kids. They also actively took part in giving out gifts and clothes. It was a great experience for all involved.

Teenagers doing a drama at a Christmas Outreach in Honduras- youth ministry, Honduras, missions, christmas outreach

Wherever in the world you may live, there is a need. Teach your children to look for it. How can they do that? By watching your example.

Some simple ways we've started to instill compassion and a giving heart in our young children is by including them in what we do. Here are a few ideas for you to try.

Let them give offering at church or donate to an organization of their choice.

It's important to teach your children the importance of giving tithes and offering at an early age. The earlier they learn to give offerings the easier it will be for them to give when they have their own money.  Not to mention you are teaching them Biblical principles that will bring blessings over their lives.  Not only do you need to teach them to give but with a good attitude. They will be watching you and your attitude when it comes to giving. If you don't attend a church then you can choose an organization that the whole family agrees on and decide on an amount to give monthly.
2 Corinthians 9:7  "Let giving flow from your heart, not from a sense of religious duty. Let it spring up freely from the joy of giving—all because God loves hilarious generosity!"

 Give to people in need on the street.

It is not our job to judge or decide what they will use the money for. The Bible says give to those who ask.  If we have money, we give.  There is an man, without legs, that sits outside of the grocery store where we shop. He is always outside with a box collecting money. Here in Honduras there is no help of any kind for people who are elderly, handicap, ect. We have always given when we go to the store. Now we give to our children and they put the money in the box.
Mathew 5: 42 "Learn to generously share what you have with those who ask for help, and don’t close your heart to the one who comes to borrow from you.”
It's important that they see compassion in you and that you include them in the giving.  Maybe you don't like to give money but you can give water, food, or clothes to someone in need. Something can always be done. If your children never see you doing something for the less fortunate they won't either.

Participate in church outreaches or get involved in your community.

Christmastime is a great time to participate in outreaches or help out in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Obviously, all these things are something you should practice year round but it's important to remind your children that Christmas isn't about what society tries to push on them. Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of our Savior and King Jesus. He was the most generous person to ever walk on this earth. What better way to commemorate his birth by following in His steps.

There are many church outreaches, centers, and organizations that need help this Christmas season. Go as a family and give back to the community. Show God's love through acts of kindness.

Proverbs 11:25 "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."

 Remember, to teach your kids generosity it has to start with you first. Kids do what they see their parents do.  Generous parents produce generous kids.


  1. What a wonderful post! It is so awesome to include children in outreach, especially at Christmas time (and Thanksgiving too) so they can see and experience first hand the need in this world. You are so right that children learn by doing. What a sweet post! Thank you for sharing your heart! ❤

    1. Yes, this season is perfect to take advantage and help others. Thank you for your encouraging words.