Top 5 Children's Books For Preschoolers and Toddlers

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With the Christmas season around the corner I thought I would share some of our favorite books. Books usually aren't the most popular Christmas gifts; but they should be.  I have a 3 1/2 and a 2 year old. Not all the books I read to my older child holds the attention of my younger one but there are a few that they both love. Those are the ones we tend to read the most. We don't let the kids use electronic devices except for special circumstances and when they do they get bored quickly because they are used to reading and actually playing with things.  I'm also an ESL teacher in Honduras so I'm a huge advocate for literacy. We try to read for about 30 minutes a day. Reading has done wonders for my three year old's vocabulary and is helping my two year old, as well.  If you can't do 30 minutes just commit to reading one book a day. Not only will it help your child developmentally but it's great bonding time

Here are a few tips on enhancing your literacy time at home.

  1. Picture walk- Look at the pictures, ask your child questions about the pictures, what they are doing, the colors ect.
  2. Read the book slowly and let your child interrupt.  Let them ask questions. 
  3. When you finish. Ask if they liked the story, what their favorite part was, see if they can re-tell it to you.
If you follow these easy tips your child's vocabulary will not only improve but it will greatly help their literacy skills at school and your child's teacher will love you.

Our top 5 books that you should add to your library:

1.  Let's Go Froggy by Jonathan London

We also have Froggy Goes to Camp. Both of my children love these books mostly because of their repetitive nature.  They love to chant "Froooooooooooooogy" with me. This set has 17 books in it.
 2.  Fire Fuego Brave Bomberos by Susan Middleton Elya

This book is great because it has Spanish words mixed in. Don't worry there is a glossary in the back that tells you the meanings.  It's a great way to incorporate Spanish in your child's vocabulary. My kids are bilingual so they really love this book. Not to mention my 3 year old is obsessed with everything firetrucks.

3. Jolly Olly Octopus by Tony Milton 

Not only does this one work on your child's phonological awareness but it also teaches the numbers 1-10. My kids love it because for both of those reasons and the underwater illustration is so bright and fun.

4. Cicada's Song by Ariane O'Pry Trammell

I love this book and so do my kids.  The story is so cute and and the illustrations and colors are really the best I've seen and that's really what catches my kids' attention.  The author is from Louisiana and some of the words are written with a Cajun accent so if you're not from Louisiana you might be a little confused. She has another one that our kid's love called "Run Boudin Run." 

5. Gator in a Tree by Jordan Courtney

This was my son's first book and written by another Louisiana author. It's a really fun story that keeps my kids captivated but something that is really unique about this book is that it has 7 different illustrators with drastically different styles.

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So with the Christmas season upon us I encourage you to add these wonderful books to your children's library. Books may not be on your child's wish list but I guarantee these books will be a hit. When a child enjoys a book, for whatever reason, it encourages them to want to read more.

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