How You Can Help the Immigrant- Five Ways to Help Now

How You Can Help the Immigrant-Five Ways to Get Started Now I am a missionary living in Honduras and it is sad to see this huge humantarian crisis occur.  As a Christian we are called to love the alien, immigrant, and refugee and here are 5 ways you can help respond to the crisis.  #honduranhumanitariancrisis #helpingtherefugee #hospitality
It has been called a Humanitarian Crisis, the mass exodus of over 5,000 immigrants making their way to the U.S. border from Honduras. I know that most U.S. citizens have a very different viewpoint on immigration than I do. I'm not here to argue or talk politics. I'm here to explain what I see, how I feel, as a missionary living in Honduras.

First, let me summarize what is going on.

I have lived in Honduras since 20.  When my husband, who is Salvadoran, and I moved here from El Salvador we had major culture shock. Honduras is easily 10 to 15 years behind other Central American countries.  For example, we pay triple the amount for electricity and they cut it off for hours at a time whenever they want. When we need to get any kind of government documents it's always a huge ordeal because there is never any paper to print them out. The majority of streets, within the city, are not paved. Taxes are ridiculously high, we pay over $4.00 a liter for gas. There are no jobs and no governmental help or support for anyone. Not to mention it's one of the most violent countries in the world.
My husband and I are missionaries from El Salvador but we work here to survive. We both have good paying jobs (Honduran standard) but we barely make it month to month so I really can't imagine how people survive on much less. Less than $2 a day to be exact.

As I was watching the news and seeing the desperation in the faces of families with all their children some with infants I was moved to tears. I don't necessarily agree with them because I feel like it is a dead end risk but the compassion side of me was moved.  I'm reading in many articles about the migrant's Humanitarian Rights...it seems like a deep well to delve into but, from what I read, it doesn't seem to be illegal to migrate.  There is, also, a difference between Refugees, Asylum-seekers, and migrants.

From Amnesty International https://www.amnesty.org/en/what-we-do/refugees-asylum-seekers-and-migrants/

"It is important to understand that, just because migrants do not flee persecution, they are still entitled to have all their human rights protected and respected, regardless of the status they have in the country they moved to. Governments must protect all migrants from racist and xenophobic violence, exploitation and forced labor. Migrants should never be detained or forced to return to their countries without a legitimate reason."

I am completely aware of the illegal immigration problem in the States. The illegal immigrant isn't necessarily the problem but the system is. If there were a way to help the illegal immigrant access legal status it would be a better world for all.   Again, I don't want to get into the wrongs or rights or if you agree or disagree about this subject but more so to inform you on the current situation in Honduras and how, as Christians, we should respond.

This post really goes hand in hand with another post I wrote The Art of Hospitality where I explain that hospitality is kindness to strangers. So, regardless, if we agree or not we are called, as Christians, to have compassion and love those who society looks down on or rejects.  The immigrant is the epitome of rejected. And what does the Bible say about the immigrant, the rejected, the lonely, the hurt?

Galatians 6:2- "Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ."

 Deuteronomy 24:17-18 – “You shall not deprive a resident alien...of justice.”

 Psalm 146:9 – “The Lord watches over the strangers…”

 Jeremiah 22:3-5 – Do no wrong or violence to the alien.

 Romans 12:13 – “Mark of the true Christian: “…Extend hospitality to strangers…”

Here comes the big question. What can I do?

1.) Pray for them

2.) If you have an international congregation at your church I guarantee you will find immigrants. Some legal and some not. Talk to them and find out their needs and see in what way they may need support.

3.)  Get informed. Check out Amnesty.org or ohchr.org There are many other great organizations with whom you can volunteer or donate to.

4.) Find local organizations that help immigrants.

5.) Start a ministry or get involved with an already established program to help and support immigrants.

Remember, we are not called to judge the situation but to show God's love in every situation. The immigrant crisis is a wonderful place to start.

How You Can Help the Immigrant-Five Ways to Get Started Now I am a missionary living in Honduras and it is sad to see this huge humantarian crisis occur.  As a Christian we are called to love the alien, immigrant, and refugee and here are 5 ways you can help respond to the crisis.  #honduranhumanitariancrisis #helpingtherefugee #hospitality


  1. Thanks for the tips. This reminds us to be compassionate like Christ and share what we have with those in need. Where I live, we don't get to see many migrants but we have internally displaced people because of terrorism and high levels of poverty with many making less than the equivalent of a dollar a day. Helping these people is a very fulfilling thing to do.💜

    1. You are so right, it is fulfilling to help anyone in need. Sometimes we get so involved in politics that we forget where we stand as Christians.

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM CST

    Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I
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    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it and are subscribing.

  3. Anonymous4:04 PM CST

    This is great. Our church does a lot to help immigrants - this way, everyone gets involved!

    1. That is awesome that your church helps immigrants. So many don't. Can you imagine how things would be if all churches did what yours does?

  4. Thank you for giving us ideas on how we can really help.

  5. Kristal,
    A wonderful article on a not-so popular subject. But you are absolutely right! We are to love, love, love everybody. Not just hand pick them. Show love, live love and grow more love. I have found that the more we do for others, the more we want to do. Thank you for a well written, thoughtful and Christ-like article. Blessings.

    1. It's definitely not popular and I totally understand why. But it is just beyond me why more people don't embrace the situation (that we can't control) and use it to bring glory to God. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your words of encouragement.