My First 10k

My First 10k-If I Did It, you can too! This is a personal story of running a 10k after preganancy. Running after a c-section is difficult but not impossible. Training for a 10k is different after preganancy but I set my goal and I accomplished it. #10ktraining #runningaftercsection #runningafterpregnancy

 I finally did it! I ran a 10k and this is my success story.

I have been a runner since a very young age because I enjoy it. It helps me clear my head, think, and pray. I am a runner but never before had I ran a 10k.

The last time I was training for a 10k my husband was viciously attacked at gun point and lost his eye. You can read the whole story here Ruben's assault story
 It was a few short weeks before the race and because of the situation we weren't able to run it. Since then I have moved to a different country and have had two kids.
I live in a small city on the coast of Honduras that doesn't really have races except for one called Palma Real Extreme. Because of breastfeeding and time (or the lack there of) it has been rough getting back into running since having my last child.  Thankfully, a friend of mine started motivating me to run again. So we started back and it was hard because I was comparing myself to before, which you just can't do. My body has changed and things are different. When I heard about the 10k I asked her if she wanted to run it with me and she said of course. So a month and half out of the race we started training.

I had two simple goals:

1.) To finish  

2.) Not come in last place.  

10k, runner, HondurasKeep in mind this was not a normal 10k.  It was extreme. We ran 2 or 3 kilometers in the sand, we ran trails, rocks, uphill, and in tropical weather. It was hard.

The majority of the race I ran by myself which was a little disheartening thinking I was so far behind the majority but I kept in mind there were still people behind me. I remember after running the first 5k and coming off the beach to the rocky, uphill part and saying to myself out loud,
"Come on Kristal, Keep going you can do it." 

Then I had a truly spiritual moment in which I almost cried. Seriously, I got teary eyed. I looked around at the beautiful landscape. The sun was shining bright as I was running in the midst of towering palm trees and giant mountains.

It was so beautiful.

I started to reflect on how blessed I am. I started thanking God that I had two legs and that I could run, that I was healthy. There are so many people with sicknesses and don't have the privilege to run or walk for that matter. That at 36 years old and having two kids I was able to complete a goal of mine. Running after a c-section is no easy feat.  I felt so happy, so content and fulfilled.

Then, as my feet started hurting because of the pounding on the rocky terrain I remembered some of my favorite verses that Paul said in 1 Corinthians, " Run in such a way to get the prize. Others do it for a medal that will not last but we do it for the eternal prize." It motivated to keep going.  It motivated me that, just like this race, life can be hard. We get really tired but we have to keep going and keep going. Doing it the best we can to one day see Jesus face to face. Run to get the everlasting prize.

So I ran and I ran. I gave it my all the last leg and passed two more people.  My time was 1 hour and 10 minutes I believe. That's not a good time. But I did my best. I finished and I wasn't the last one!


  1. Beautiful testimony, a great encouraging word

  2. I love that even though you weren’t super excited about your time, you have a beautiful memory of gratitude in the race! Such an encouraging read. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was definitely a great experience and this year my goal will be to have a better time. Glad you enjoyed it.