Late 30's and Loving It

 They say that age is just a number. A number I used to think was so old. Now I'm reconsidering that opinion. It's so strange. I'm married, I have kids, and
a job but I still don't really feel like an adult.  What does an adult feel like anyway? Like what age do you have to reach to feel "grown up"?

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I've been training for a 10k, which is the first time I've done one, and while training you have a lot of time to think. I was thinking about my life as a teenager and in college and how God so drastically changed my life.  Then I thought about how I have lived the majority of my adult life out of the United States. I started thinking about how in these last few months gray hairs have sprouted out all over. I thought maybe it was because of the stress from the prior months with all the political instability but I read that stress doesn't really cause gray hair. For a moment I thought, "Should I start dying my hair so it's not noticeable?" But then I thought, "You know I am 36 years old. I have two kids. I am not a teenager nor am I going to be eternally young."

I try to promote, with the girls in our youth ministry, to love yourself the way God has created you. Take care of yourself, dress the way you like, be healthy, exercise, and accept that you are not perfect. So I am going to be a 36 year old who has gray hair and I'm going to rock it.

In our society (here in Honduras as well) the women are so obsessed with how they look.  Most all women dye their gray hair. If a women has a gray hair, heaven forbid, it looks horrible and she's old.  A man, however, looks distinguished with gray hair. It's just another stipulation in our society to make women slaves to the industry of Hollywood, magazines, and social media. I'm not hating on those who dye your hair; It's your life and you do what you want.

So I am 36 years old.  I am on the downward slope to 40. I am living the best years of my life. So for those of you who are having a hard time with your age don't hate it, embrace it. Thank God you are healthy and well to be able to live your life the way your are. God wants to use us in every area of our lives. When we are hung up on our age or our looks it hinders his Spirit to be able to move through us. Remember, He is first and we are second. These bodies, whether they be in shape or not, gray hair, or wrinkles will not last forever. One day we will have that perfection that we all strive for here on earth but we won't even care because we will be in the most beautiful place and in the wonderful presence of our Savior.

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