God Always Has Our Back

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It has been a whirlwind of a month. We hosted a missions team from El Salvador, classes started back (back to work), we had to move, raise funds for our residency, and Ruben and a team of youth leaders raised all their funds and are in Panama for a international leadership conference.  All of that in one month people! I'd like to say things will calm down but that never happens.

So to summarize......

-We hosted a team from El Salvador the first week of August. It was awesome! God did so much.

-Classes started back. I am teaching 3rd grade and Ruben is the new Chaplin.

=We were basically told we had to leave the place we were renting, by the owners, we prayed and God provided us a slightly larger home in the same area we were living in
 (with a huge yard; good for the kids and the dog).

-We raised $1,000 for our Honduran Residency. So now we are in the application process. Once we have our residency we will not have to take visa renewal trips every three months.

-Ruben and some of our leaders are currently in Panama for a leadership conference.

P.S. Our young adults ministry is really growing and we are seeing God move in and through them. We are seeing a lot of resistance in our youth group, lots of really tough issues. Keep covering us in your prayers because we want to see a breakthrough in the youth; it's something only God can do.

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