Hospital Stories

I've explained the public hospital situation, here in Honduras, in past posts but to keep it short and sweet it isn't good.  Hospitals aren't happy places anywhere in the world. They are even more depressing in places where there isn't money for medicine, unsanitary conditions, and nurses and doctors who could care less.  In the public hospital in Ceiba you also come across many ethnic groups such as Miskito Indians and Garinfunas. Here are just a few of their stories.

This little girl was all by herself. She is 6 years old and
is in treatment for some kind of infection.

 This man was in a bad motorcycle accident with his daughter who miraculously walked away 
unharmed. He is a pastor and is suffering from severe head trauma.

This lady has a tumor on her brain and is waiting for tests to determine
what kind of treatment she will need to receive.  

So we just went through the corridors giving out food and coffee, mostly to the family members who are waiting with their loved ones, and asking to pray for people.  I was able to share with some of the women who were there,waiting with their recuperating husbands, was that I had been in their place. I know what it feels like to have my husband assaulted and in the hospital.  So I'm not just some North American coming through wanting to pray....I could actually understand what they are feeling and going through.  I could give them actual advice from someone who had been there before.  When I was going through that horrible situation I never imagined that it would be something that would be used to open doors in another country.

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