A Lesson in Faith

   When things go wrong sometimes it is hard to know if it is an attack from the enemy or if the Lord is allowing you to go through a learning process.  This past month and half has been hard; it's been one thing after another.  Many times I didn't know what to do or how to pray.  I didn't know if we were being attacked so I would rebuke any spiritual attack from the enemy and I would also pray, "Lord, let us learn what you want us to during this time." Because of being attacked physically, spiritually, and financially I felt like an emotional mess and the only one who could help was the Lord. (Don't forget I was also 9 months pregnant.)

   I could write a long list of all the "bad" things that happened or things that went wrong. Instead I'm going to touch on the biggest battles for us and how God showed himself faithful.  First of all, there was the high risk pregnancy and a possible abnormality in Zoe.  For the second time my amniotic fluid was above normal so my Doctor sent me to a specialist in high risk pregnancies.  This was on a Friday. She said that my placenta was "getting old" (not sure what the correct English term is for that) and that there was a valve in Zoe's heart that was opened slightly more than normal which could cause a heart murmur at the time of birth when she takes her first breath. I was to come back in 72 hours for a check up.  That weekend I felt a decrease in Zoe's movements and after checking me again, on Monday, the specialist said that we shouldn't wait any longer and they needed to do a c-section that same day; two weeks before my due date.  I was caught off guard and a million different fears engulfed me. I was prepped and ready for the c-section at 3:00pm and 30 minutes later Zoe was born. The pediatrician said he did not hear a murmur and would check her again at the following check up and we would discuss if it would be necessary for Zoe to see a pediatric cardiologist.  Praise the Lord she is completely fine and there is no need to see a specialist.

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Zoe Fernanda
   I went home, two days later, and that same night woke up with an itchy rash on my neck and face. 
 Each day it spread until my entire body was bright red and swollen. I was so swollen that I could hardly wear clothes.  We all thought it was an allergic reaction to something. I was given medications and shots of steroids but nothing helped.  Sunday I was so sick that I couldn't handle it anymore. I couldn't move, my body was so swollen that my skin was tight, I hurt all over, and I had a high fever. We called a husband and wife from our church, who are both Doctors, to come by and check on me. Very quickly after checking my temperature and blood pressure and seeing the condition that I was in they said I needed to be taken to the emergency room. The only hospital that has a lab is the most expensive hospital in La Ceiba.  Keep in mind we don't have insurance because we aren't Honduran citizens so everything is out of pocket. Also, remember that the health system is nothing like the States. Most people do not have insurance here and use the free public hospitals.  The care is not as good and would have been our last resort. We have a few very faithful supporters and what we make monthly is just enough to cover our needs. Emergencies such as this one is a time when all we can do is pray and believe God to supply. Ruben always has so much faith and always tells me, "Kristal, God always has supplied for us..why do you worry?"

   We had put aside money for Zoe's birth which we didn't even have enough because the hospital went up on their prices since Evan was born. We paid the hospital in full but we left owing my Doctor which is not included in the hospital cost because she isn't employed by the hospital.  Thankfully, she said we can pay her whenever we get the money.  Now for me to even be admitted into the emergency room of the hospital they asked for a $500.00 deposit.  I was so upset; I was upset because of being sick but even more so it wasn't even a week since having Zoe and I had to leave my newborn baby, whom I was breastfeeding.  I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to continue breastfeeding and I didn't want to leave Evan again, either.  On top of that we didn't have the money.  Someone let us borrow the $500.00; so now we were in debt to two people which was a kick in the back to our pride.  My parents were here, thank God, and were able to take care of the kids and had also offered to help and told us not to worry about the money but they had already done so much for us that I didn't want to take more from them.  Once admitted into the hospital and the lab results showed that I was diagnosed with a very aggressive bacterial infection. I was in the hospital for two days and the Doctor said he'd like to keep me longer but I had improved and knowing our financial situation went ahead and released me.  The Doctor who took care of me, was the same one that we knew from church, and a very well known and esteemed Doctor who didn't charge us anything for his services.  When I was released we just paid the hospital bill. By this time we had been paid and my whole check went to paying the bill and buying my medications.  Ruben and I continued to praise God for healing me and providing for us.  He received a call a few days later and someone gave us $500.00....exactly what we needed to pay back our friend for the hospital deposit.  A few days later someone else gave us the exact amount of what we needed to pay my Doctor. We didn't tell these people our needs but God did.

   My recovery has been long and hard but God has been more than faithful.  I have doubted, I have been scared, I have hit rock bottom but God showed me that He always takes care of his children.  Even something so trivial, but meant so much to me, was breastfeeding. I expressed my concern to the Doctors and they made sure all my medications were compatible with nursing.  While in the hospital I pumped and Ruben brought the milk home and my mom bottle fed Zoe.  She took the bottle with no problem and once I got home I continued to exclusively breastfeed her without any problems. Every fear, worry, doubt, and desire was taken care of by my Heavenly Father.

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