How To Become an American Citizen

    This is an how to article on "How To Become an American Citizen" for a baby who is born outside of the Unites States to one parent who is a North American citizen and one who is not.  I'd like to start off by telling you what not to do.

-Don't assume that just because you are an American Citizen that your child will have citizenship.

-Don't assume that it will be an easy process (This might depend on the country you live in.)

-Don't wait....the sooner the better.

-It's quite expensive so be ready to shell out some dough.

   Maybe others have had good and easy experiences but ours was neither of those two things. It was more like long, annoying, and frustrating.  Living in a Podunk town probably had something to do with it.  After, we filled out all the applications and we got together all the paperwork together (pictures of before we were married, after we were married,before, during and after pregnancy, 1040 forms, all school transcripts, all receipts, ultra sounds, and anything else that proved I was pregnant) we were all set to make an appointment at the US consulate. Yes, the consulate. Not even the embassy because the embassy is six hours away and the consulate was only three hours away.  You make the calculations with an infant to bring along. We made the appointment and went to consulate in San Pedro Sula. I already have a blog post on that fiasco.(http://kristalclear24.blogspot.com/2015/07/the-struggle.html).  To make a long story short I, YES I THE U.S. CITIZEN, apparently did not have enough proof that I was a citizen. How does that make any sense you ask? I do not know.  So we gathered more pictures, I had to make a request to the IRS for my transcript, and we needed some more information from the hospital where Evan was born.  After about a month the IRS finally sent me what I needed. This time the whole family did not have to go to the consulate. Ruben went to drop off everything and the proof was enough.  One month later we received his Consular Report of Birth Abroad which is his official birth certificate and his US passport.

    I am so relieved to have his documents because I always think about if there was an emergency or what if they were evacuating American citizens for whatever reason I wouldn't be able to leave because I wouldn't want to leave my baby behind. But now he has all his documents so the whole family is now set for any travel or emergency that comes our way.

Disclaimer: You should ALWAYS go to the US Embassy for the country that you are living in if you want real information about your baby's citizenship.

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