Celebrating the Children

Garifuna, celebrating the children, King's Castle, Honduras
King's Castle team, from our church, doing a song for the children.

A little Garifuna girl playing with my son's chubby cheeks.

Garifuna, celebrating the children, children's day, Honduras
   On September 10, Honduras celebrated "El Día del Niño" (Children's Day).  The following Saturday we took our youth group to celebrate the children who live in a nearby Garifuna community.  To read about the Garifuna people you can check it out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garifuna_people. The Garifuna community that we visited is called Corozal. It is famous for its beautiful beach and delicious beach side restaurants where you can try an assortment of Garifuna delicacies. However, within the community itself there is a different face of Corozal. One that the tourist doesn't see.  It's an ugly face of sickness and poverty.  I enjoy and respect different cultures and the Garifuna culture has many beautiful aspects. But seeing the affects of sin and paganism was quite bothersome to me. Our youth group joined up with a Salvadoran family, who are missionaries to this community and live in Corozal, and the local library to celebrate Children's Day.  We brought bags of treats, a huge cake, and soft drinks for about 65 children.  The library provided the piñatas and delicious food for everyone.  A Garifuna lady worked at the library and told me she helps tutor around 40 children daily. I´m sure she has help but her work is admirable.  To have a little library in this community is truly a treasure. She told me that she works with the most impoverished children from the community.  There were many adults and children who the community labeled as ¨crazy¨but really had some kind of mental disability and were treated as outcasts. I know a lot of it is spiritual but also it has to do with incest and poverty.  Problems such as the lack of sufficient nutrients, getting pregnant at young ages, not taking care of oneself during a pregnancy, ect. are reasons why there are so many mental and physical disabilities.  It is only ten minutes away from the city of La Ceiba but it is a completely different way of life.  More than anything it is spiritually difficult to live there because of their pagan beliefs and traditions.  Just like all of us they need to know the hope that is in Jesus Christ.  It may seem like a difficult task but God can change the situation in a village, community, or city.  It takes time, love, and prayer.  Say a prayer for the Cruz family that are living and ministering in this community. They have two young boys and need protection and favor as they show God´s love to the Garifuna people.

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