Summer Ministry Update

   As I sit in the sweltering morning heat, without any electricity, I am reminded through my daily devotional "Jesus Calling" that God wants us to learn the art of giving Him thanks in all circumstances. (! Thes. 5:18)  I give thanks to God that our family has been healthy, I give thanks because we just found a babysitter for Evan, I give thanks for the opportunity to work in a Christian school, I give thanks for all the teenagers in our youth group. 

   The majority of our students have been out of school for summer vacation.  There are two different school schedules here in Honduras. The American schedule which is August to June and the Honduran schedule which is February to October.  Most of the teenagers in our youth group are on the American schedule.  Due to summer vacation we have seen a significant drop in our youth group attendance. However, we have taken advantage of every opportunity to do things with those who are still here in addition to our weekly services.  We are trying to be intentional and build real relationships outside of the "church" building and we are seeing many of our students open up and reveal extremely difficult situations.  We are able to give them advice, pray with them, and most importantly be a friend that reflects Jesus. 

   We are seeing our Sunday School class grow and it is another great opportunity to disciple other teenagers.  Many who come to Sunday School, for various reasons, don't or can't come on Saturday evenings to the youth group service.

   As summer slowly comes to an end classes will be starting and teenagers will be returning.  Please join with us in prayer so we can reach more students for Christ.  Not so they will be another number in the youth group but we want to see change, real change, in the lives of the students in the school.

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