Bury thy Sorrow

   These past few days I've felt extremely sorrowful.  There are so many horrible things in the headlines as of late.  Not only in the United States but all over the world.  This beautiful world is becoming more and more evil. With access to so much information it is becoming even more evident.   I look around and it seems I'm standing still and everyone else is contently living their lives-not many seemed to be concerned.  The future is scary, even though my home is secure, it's still scary. Am I really living my life as I should? Do I wake up everyday with a sense of urgency that today could be the day that Jesus returns for His bride?  Absolutely not! That terrifies me. I don't want to be so content, comfortable, preoccupied, ect. that I forget about the prize.  Lord, help me live this life with my eyes on the eternal one.  Let me be like Jeremiah who weeped for the lost of his land, Hosea who stopped at nothing to obey God so that his people could understand God's vast love for them, Ezekiel who called out to dry bones to come alive.  Or like Daniel who was so devoted that it didn't matter if he offended someone or if it was against the law but publicly proclaimed his devotion to God through prayer and fasting.

   What tragedy has to happen for us to wake up?  At what point are we going to start fighting?  I don't mean picket lines, protesting, writing letters to senators, or posting scriptures on Facebook,  I mean fighting through prayer. Prayer is one of the hardest things to do, because of so many distractions, but it's because it is so effective.

   I wrote this yesterday in my journal.  This is a message to me.  But also a message for you.  Last night at church we had a special speaker and his message was very similar to what the Lord spoke to me.  I sat in shock as he spoke because the Lord was confirming what I had written earlier that day.  Take a moment to listen to this song and auto evaluate yourself and your walk with the Lord.

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