Birth Story-Evan Jeremiah

   Like all the other important days of my life, since living outside of the United States, the birth of our son was nothing less than an adventure.  My entire pregnancy was a breeze. I had no problems, whatsoever, and up to the last week the plan was a vaginal birth.  My last ultrasound was on Wednesday, March 4.  My Doctor said she always likes to have a radiologist do the last ultrasound to get a second opinion and make sure everything looks good.  So we went to the radiologist and she said that I had a lot of amniotic fluid.  Instead of the fluid decreasing, like it is supposed to, I was getting more fluid.  It also appeared, to her, that he was overdue.  So immediately after the ultrasound I had an appointment with my Doctor and she gave me two choices.  We could induce and see what would happen. At this point my cervix had not thinned at all nor was I dilated and they would still possibly have to do a c-section or  we could just schedule a c-section.  With a little research on the inducing and the big chance I would still need a c-section. We just decided on the c-section for the next day.
   On Thursday, March 5, I was checked again and nothing had changed so we went to the hospital at around 11. This is where things get real interesting.  The hospital we chose is literally on the beach and a block away from the inauguration of the newly renovated pier.  So as we were driving towards the hospital we noticed that all roads were blocked off with huge military trucks, soldiers, and national police.   I had read that they were inaugurating the pier on the 5th of this month and had a feeling we would have some problems but Ruben said how are they going to keep us from going to the hospital.  Well, they did just that.  We went through a coned off area and within seconds at least several policemen come toward our vehicle yelling at us and saying we have to turn around, the roads are closed, ect.  Ruben sat and argued with them for a good bit trying to explain that we have to get to the hospital because I am pregnant and we have a c-section scheduled.  They were not going to budge and said, "Well, sorry you can't go there. Just go to the public hospital."   So we turned around and drove down the road a bit to call my OBGYN.  She had gotten through somehow and was going to meet us at the blockade.  We turned the car around to drive back toward the hospital.  We saw my doctor arguing with the police officers.  When we drove up, she was obviously telling them that we are on our to the hospital to have a baby and they eventually let us through.  None of us could believe the way the National Police treated the situation but I guess the President inaugurating a pier is a really big deal in Honduras.  By the time we got to the hospital it was 11:30 or so and they whisked me away and started prepping me for surgery and at 12:25 our precious Evan Jeremiah was born.  I was in the recovery room for about two hours and they brought Evan to me fairly quickly so I could start breastfeeding and then they took me to my room.  This hospital, like I mentioned before, is literally on the beach.  My room had a balcony with a big window and a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea.  If you have to be recovering from a c-section it was definitely the best place to be.  At night I could hear the waves lapping on the shore and it was so peaceful and comforting.  A c-section was not what I had prepared for nor had I wanted it that way. I know God had it all in control and to me the most important thing is that Evan came into this world healthy and whole.

The pier that was being inaugurated by the President of Honduras.

The view from my hospital room.

Enjoying the beautiful view and some bonding time with Evan.

On our balcony getting ready to go home.

Evan's first photo shoot. 

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  1. Beautiful!! Welcome baby Evan... congratulations Mommy and Daddy. (Not surprised that his arrival was an adventure.:)