Change In Leadership

   For the past five months that we have been in La Ceiba, Honduras we have been working in the school, teaching Sunday School, helping out with a church plant, and helping out in the youth ministry.  It has been a time for us to get to know the people, the culture, and the church.  The Youth Pastor of about 7 years was planning on stepping down in January, of this year, and we come down knowing this and serving under him and hoping and praying for a smooth transition. He is moving in to other areas of ministry in the church and will continue to be a vital person in the youth ministry as a pastor and advisor.   This Sunday we were officially presented to the church as the new youth leaders and we started meeting with our leadership team this week.  Our goals are to create a great leadership team and teenagers who truly love the Lord.  There is a lot of work but we know that God has called us to this church to serve and lead the youth who are here.  Please continue to lift us up in prayers and the development of our youth program.

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