What's In a Name?

   Our Doctor told us at 16 weeks that she was pretty sure that I was going to have a boy.  However, we wanted to make sure and it was confirmed about a month ago that we are having a little boy.  Neither of us had preferences but I have to admit we are both ecstatic for this little guy.  We already had a name we both really liked but digging into the meaning it wasn't what we wanted. So we kept looking and we easily decided on Evan Jeremiah.
Throughout the Bible it is evident that God puts much emphasis on names.  Every time you say the name of your child or any person, for that matter, you are speaking that over them.  We wanted to speak a blessing over our child when we say his name.

Evan- In ancient Hebrew it means "YHWH is gracious", the literal translation in Hebrew is "rock", in Greek it means messenger.

Jeremiah- Hebrew "YHWH has uplifted or exalted."


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM CST

    LOVE LOVE the name yall picked and like that its English too. Can NOT wait to meet little Evan Jeremiah. We love him soooo much already.


  2. Anonymous8:06 PM CST

    one more thing, I LOVE these photos and Ruben expressions in them