Pregnancy Woes

   My pregnancy woes are all the unsolicited advice I'm getting.  I've been scolded for wearing heels, eating spicy food, drinking one small cup of coffee in the morning, running, riding a boat, swimming in the ocean....give me minute I can probably think of some more.  I know pregnancy brings on a multitude of unwanted advice but being reprimanded about everything I do is a little more than I can take.  But I have been taking it gracefully (with a big smile), explaining that my Doctor has said it is ok.  That is my scapegoat...Well, I asked my Doctor; I mean who can argue with that.  I am pregnant and feel great....I'm not on my death bed. I don't feel like my life should come to an end.  I eat healthy and I'm in shape.  I think I am doing a good job of taking care of myself.  I have given up surfing since I'm pregnant; and I've checked it out and many women have surfed while pregnant. But I figure I'd be cautious plus I did move away from the Pacific; even if I was tempted to go surfing I couldn't.  I know most people mean no harm but this is my blog and I'm going to rant.  So I have decided to debunk some of these myths camouflaged as advice.

Myth #1: You can't wear heels because the impact can hurt the baby.

      Truth: You can wear heels while pregnant and it does not hurt the baby. The precaution is that once you have  a pregnant belly wearing heels can be difficult because your balance is all out of whack and you can fall or break your ankle not to mention heels just aren't the most comfortable. That's why I only wear them once in a while. However, I will have big belly in my sister's wedding and I will be wearing heels so things might get interesting.


Myth #2: If you eat spicy food the baby will be born with a skin allergy. (This is a very popular belief in El Salvador and one of the most common tidbits of "advice" I've been given.)

Truth: It will not harm the baby in any way.  The precaution is that most women can't handle spicy food because of the nausea and heartburn that many women experience. But I'm a Cajun girl and have been eating spicy food my whole life and have continued thus far during my pregnancy with no complaints. Pass me the Tony's.


Myth #3: You can not drink coffee!!!

Truth: You can drink coffee just follow the 200mg limit.

Sources: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/x536392/is-it-safe-to-drink-coffee-during-pregnancy

Myth #4: You are running?? That is not safe for the baby.

Truth: My Doctor said because I am in shape and have an active lifestyle continuing to run is not problem. Just be aware of how you feel, don't push yourself, and wear comfortable clothing. The danger is women who are out of shape and never run and get pregnant and all of sudden want to get in shape.

Sources: http://www.babyzone.com/pregnancy/prenatal-care/running-pregnancy_71364

I'm skipping riding in the boat because the reasoning was the roughness or impact will hurt the baby which goes in the same category as the no running or wearing high heels myth.

Myth #5: Someone said I can't swim in the ocean. I have no idea what her reasoning was.

Truth: It's ok just stay away from shark infested waters.


As my pregnancy proceeds I'm sure that I'll be able to add to the list. Be looking for Pregnancy Woes part 2.

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    Ha! Don't tell me the photo below is the boat ya'll rode to get there! 45 min is along ride in a boat like that.