Coastal Living

I've always wanted to live on the coast and my dream has now come true. I could walk to the beach from my house, if I wanted to, but in car it takes about 5 minutes.  We are here, we are a little more settled in, we finally have internet, and an ac installed in our bedroom.  It's very hard to live here without ac because it is extremely hot and humid here.  So at least we won't be sweating like pigs anymore as we are trying to sleep.  Life is a bit crazy as we are trying to get used to things around here and there is a lot to get used to.  Before I would complain about everything in El Salvador being so expensive well it is even worse here.  The heat is intense with major humidity so your sweating all the time.  There are a lot of words that they use here that they don't use in El Salvador.  Everything closes really early so as soon as I leave work we have to run to get any errands done. The also put cumin on a lot of the food and fruit.  Ruben doesn't like it but I do.  It's all very trivial and I know we will accustom to it soon.  It is absolutely beautiful here. There are beaches , rivers, waterfalls, beautiful mountains all within 15 minutes.  We have started working with the youth and we will be teaching a youth discipleship class on Sundays.  At the school I am  teaching Kindergarten and Ruben is the Director of Discipline and Sport's Coordinator.   We have met lots of really great people that we can already call friends.   We are looking forward to our live here in Ceiba and all the new challenges and adventures that are waiting us.

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