From One Coast to Another

   After seven years of living in El Salvador the Lord has called us to another country.  When I married Ruben I never dreamed we would live anywhere else. I love El Salvador and was called as a missionary to this country when I first came on an AIM trip with my church back in 1994 or1995.  When we got married I just assumed we would be here forever.  After Ruben's accident we received a few different words of prophecy from various people; some who knew us and others who didn't.  There was a common phrase in all the different prophetic words which was, "Ya'lls ministry is not just in El Salvador."  Not sure what that meant, we guarded it in our hearts.  Then things started changing and God started moving and that prophetic word started to become a reality.
   At the beginning of this year Ruben trained Master's Commission students in the area of camps in Nicaragua.  So we thought maybe this is what God meant. Us traveling to different countries, close by, and training leaders.  In March, we were invited to Honduras to train leaders and help them out in their up coming children and youth camp.  When we came back from Honduras Pastor David Molina from The Assembly of God Lighthouse Church in La Ceiba, Honduras, which is the church we were training, talked to Ruben about us moving there. I could work in the church's International Bilingual School, as could Ruben, and start a camp ministry.  Ruben was excited because the church has it's own campsite.  Before I continue let's backtrack a little bit.  This same opportunity was presented to us in July of 2013. We prayed and did not feel it was time to go.  So when the opportunity presented itself again we brought it back to the Lord in prayer.  As we have been praying the Lord has started to work things out and confirm things in our life that there is no doubt in our minds He has called us to go to the Caribbean coast of Honduras.  One of the biggest factors was Ruben.  Ruben had no desire to move, to leave the youth group, much less to leave his home.  As we prayed seeking God's will and guidance from God he had a complete heart change and he now has a desire to go and not only he is excited.  There are so many little things that have fell in place and we are more than certain that this move is what God wants us to do.
   We will be moving from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast at the end of this month.  Life and culture is completely different than it is here.  La Ceiba is the third most important city in Honduras however, it is not really a city, it's more like a town.  They speak Spanish but they also speak English and Garifuna.   The Garifuna people  are descendants of African, Caribbean Islands, and the Arawak people.  The food is very different and it the weather is extremely hot and humid.  I've gotten used to the nice, cool, mountainous weather so going back to hot and humid with be a challenge.  It's comparable to those hot and  muggy Louisiana summers but year round.  I'll have to trade my surf board for a paddle board as the Caribbean has no waves but does have beautiful beaches for snorkeling and diving, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, and mountains.  Really it is a beautiful place that has the best of both worlds.  Much less gang activity but drug trafficking is a huge problem.  There is a lot of need and a lot of work to be done. When one is certain of the leading of God all the difficulties and differences are looked upon as an adventure.  

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