Let's Love Them

   This past Sunday my favorite preacher, my husband, Ruben, preached in the regular church service on something very close to our hearts.  He talked about how God doesn't have any favorites and how we should have compassion on all people no matter what they look like.  We say we love the drunk or the prostitute but do we really.  To prove his point he asked various friends if they could come to our service and sit amongst the normal church goers to see if the church really practices what it preaches.  Side note: our church's motto is love, acceptance, and forgiveness.  We love and accept and God forgives and changes.  So three came as street people (street performer and skaters), two others came as gang members, and another came as a prostitute.  There were some people who saw the "gang members" and then decided not to sit on that row. Actually the row stayed empty for quite a while.  Probably the most commotion was caused when the "prostitute" came in the middle of service with her 5 inch high heels, crop shirt, and bright red wig and pranced all the way to the front row.  Later she told us that all the ladies around her shook her hand and spoke to her. The gang members generated more fear than anything.  Because of the situation of this country two hard core looking gang members is not a welcomed sight.  Ruben spoke about when the pharisees asked Jesus why he was eating with the "sinners" and Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a Doctor but the sick."  The sick do not need to not feel comfortable in the church, per se, but they do need to feel loved and accepted.  Let's love them and let the doctor heal them.  After he finished preaching he called them all up and presented them as actors and you could hear a gasp throughout the audience and many people were very convicted with the way the reacted or what they thought.  Something that Ruben quoted from an evangelist Ivan Ramos hung through the air, "The church is crying for revival but the church isn't ready for revival because true revival is having the church filled with drunks, prostitutes, transvestites, gang members, homeless people, ect." It is sadly true that the most unaccepting people are those who call themselves "christians" and this has got to change.  When our friends went up and talked about how they felt, about how they were treated, about how those around them looked down on them it was an eye opener for everyone.  At the very end of the service the head Pastor called one of each of the actors up to the front to represent the different types of people in El Salvador in whom we need to love and reach out to.  We prayed that God would give our church compassion for the lost no matter what they look like or who they are.  

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