Sow In Me


   The past few months Ruben has been going to Nicaragua to train King's Castle Master's Commission students in how to utilize camps in their ministries.   Unfortunately, I have not been able to go because of teaching but this last weekend I was able to take off and I was able to help out with the final (practice) camp.  It was so good returning to Nicaragua eating delicious quesillo and fritanga and seeing old friends whom I had worked with in the past.  However, for me, it is always so encouraging watching what my husband does best...lead and teach.  He doesn't let hardships keep him down instead he uses them.  I'm so proud of him and I'm so happy God has allowed us to do what we do.  The camp may be called Sow in Me but he, also, has sown into the lives of future leader's, teacher's, pastor's, and missionaries that are ready to change Nicaragua and the world.

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