Bread of Life

Friday night our youth group had a Lock-In and I am proud to say that it wasn't the food and games that attracted the youth to this event.  What attracted them was that we were going to prepare food and give away clothes on the streets.  We went to the parks close to our church and easily found people sleeping or making their "beds" of cardboard and plastic ready to turn in for the night.  The guy I'm praying for was brought to me crying by one of our students.  He said that he wanted to change his life.  What a special time to be able to minister to him.  Ruben and some other guys were able to pray with some gang members who said they wanted to pray for protection.   It was an impacting night for everyone. We had 45 teenagers, in total, who went out to evangelize.  Just loving on the people living on the streets and trying to meet their social and more importantly their spiritual need.   Many of them had not eaten all day, others didn't even have shoes but more than giving away stuff we were able to be salt, a city on a hill, we were able to offer them the Bread of Life.
One of our youth leader's helping this shoeless man try on shoes.

Miguel, talking to a homeless women.

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