You Have to Die

Conexion, our youth group, had its first leadership retreat last weekend at a beautiful Peruvian horse farm.  The owners of the farm are the owners of the airline Avianca.  It was truly a blessing that we were able to have our retreat there.  The farm is home to over sixty beautiful Peruvian show horses.   Ada lives on the farm with her family as her dad is the over seer of the horses.  We met Ada at the national youth department camp last year and have maintained contact with her.  When we were looking for places to have our retreat she offered the farm.  It was an incredible time to be refreshed and filled by the Lord.  We had one devotion on Friday night and another one Saturday morning. Both people who ministered were not at the other devotion and it was amazing that they pretty much spoke on the same thing.  The re-accuring theme was hay que morir....you have to die.  As leaders, as servants of Jesus we have to die to ourselves so we can truly live.  Not one person left without hearing from God.  My prayer prior was that everyone would have an encounter with the Lord and that prayer was answered.  We are praying and believing, this year, for transformation in our youth group.  Not only transformation in our students but first in our leaders.

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