First Miracle of 2014

   What a great way to start off the year; a miracle within the first twelve days of the new year.  Before the accident Ruben had a small growth on his right eye lid.  I first noticed it and thought it was a pimple but it never went away...nor did it get any bigger.  Obviously during and after the accident this little growth was the least of our concern  however after Ruben got his prosthetic eye, I reminded him that the growth was still there and that the next time we go to the Eye doctor we should ask about it.  When we went for a check up the Doctor said it was of no danger but if it bothered him that he could have it removed and the cost of the small surgery would be around a hundred dollars.  We decided against making an appointment because we didn't have the extra money and just decided to wait until a later time.  I don't know why it occurred to us then and not before but we just started praying that God would heal him and take it away.  We prayed pretty regularly and then in my personal times I started to forget to pray about it.  Honestly, I forgot he even had the growth.  Today at church he looks at me and says, "I don't have the growth on my eyelid anymore, do I? I shockingly reply, "No, you don't." He told me he noticed last night that it was gone.  He had that growth for over six months.  Even though we had stopped praying about it God heard our prayers and he didn't forget.  Now we don't have to have any surgery or spend any money because God removed the growth supernaturally.  It may seem very insignificant but to us it isn't.  We are still believing that God is going to do a miracle in Ruben's other eye, just like He did with this growth.  Our God is a big God who heals cancer to colds; there is nothing to big or too small.  Don't forget to bring your needs to the Lord.  Be persistent...He hears you!

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  1. Anonymous8:01 PM CST

    Our God is an awesome God! He is faithful to all of us!! Praise His name for this and for miracles to come. Besos y abrazos Krystal