Love and Hope

   A few weeks ago we took our youth group, Conexion, to spend some time with the children that live in a small orphanage called Love and Hope.  The orphanage is about three blocks behind the church. Many of the children and youth come to our church. These kinds of activities are always great because you are showing God's love in a practical way and it is good for the youth of our church to interact with these children who need some extra love.  Everyone had a blast.  We had our youth leading games at different stations and at the end two piñatas.  Most everyone was impacted by one little boy who not only is an orphan but had braces on both legs and can't hardly walk without crutches.  I'm completely speculating here but it appeared that he had something like muscular dystrophy.  But that little boy was the most cheerful and happy one out there; He was an example to us all.

                     "Do justice to the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the                 
               afflicted and needy."  Psalm 82:3

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