Take Away My Eyes and I'll Still See Him

"Take away my eyes and I'll still see Him,
     Take away my tongue my heart sings on,
  Take away my hands I'll still feel Him,
Because no one, no one can separate me from His love.
    Do what you want with to my life here on earth,
I'll tell you of a love I won't deny, no matter how it hurts me." -The Martyr Song by Suzy Yaraei

   This past Tuesday night, the 10th, we had a leadership meeting for the Embajadores de Cristo (the National Youth Department) and at the last minute I decided not to go because I had some lesson plans to work on.  Around 7:00 pm Ruben left the house where the meeting was being held to go and help someone who had never been to the house find his way.  He walked two blocks and was viciously attacked by four young men.  They didn't threaten him or give him a chance to give them what they wanted they just attacked him and then asked for his wallet, in which he didn't have.  Two held him down while one hit him with the barrel of the gun directly in his left eye.  Another guy was hitting him in the ribs and legs while trying to find his wallet.  The guy with the gun pointed it to Ruben's chest screaming that he was going to kill him.  Then God intervened and all of a sudden the guy yelled at him, "Run away, run away, or I'll kill you." Because of the severe hit to the eye/head he couldn't run but as he stumbled away a car came and picked up the attackers.  He wandered the streets trying to get back to the house.  A guy on a motorcycle stopped and Ruben asked him to call his best friend, Fran, who was also at the meeting.   

   The police responded quickly and apparently these guys were going around assaulting people in the area because they had received a call from someone else, as well.  They took Ruben to the emergency room with Emerson, the zone President and whose house they were at. Fran and Gilma (Emerson's wife) then came to get me.  They came to the house and told me what had happened.  In the midst of them telling me Fran received a phone call and it was Ruben calling from the emergency room wanting to talk to me.  He was crying and kept saying that he lost his eye.  I told him to please calm down and that I was on my way to be with him.  I had no idea whose cell phone he was using because the assailants stole his phone.  Little did we know that was the one of the first signs of favor the Lord was showing us in the hospital.  The cell phone was the Doctor's, he said he had never let patient borrow his phone to make a call.  So we started our drive to the hospital.  I was shocked by the sea of people suffering and the smell of blood and other bodily excretions all mixed together. I wondered aimlessly trying to find my husband, with no luck, and not any information desks or a nurse to even ask.  I went back outside and Emerson told me he was in Emergency Surgery.  I busted in there and immediately saw him and he saw me but couldn't move because he was hooked up to machines.  I was in complete shock because he was covered in blood, didn't have a shirt on, and a his head all wrapped up but sopping in blood.  As we were hugging and crying I was being yelled at by nurses and forced to leave, with no information.  Then a nurse came out and said,"Help take him to the bathroom but don't let him pass out."  So as we are walking to the bathroom Ruben was talking hysterically and crying and just kept saying,"They said I've lost my eye." He returned to the emergency room and that was the last I heard of him until the next morning.  

  The next day I went to the hospital and the Doctor who had received him in the Emergency room was the same doctor who was with him the entire time and who performed the surgery; the same Doctor who lent him his cell phone. The same Doctor who gave me special written permission to stay with Ruben for as long as I wanted.  Normal visiting hours are 12-2 daily.  The Doctor happened to be a friend of Pastor we know and a Christian.  But not only did this Doctor examine him but three other Doctors, all being experts in the field. One is the teacher of all the eye doctors nationwide and they all checked him and met together with the same conclusion; his left eye could not be saved.  So while waiting three days for the surgery, because they had to wait for the swelling to go down, we stood up and united with the body of Christ, literally world wide, praying for a miracle.  Despite the situation Ruben has been talking to everyone in his ward about the Lord.  He has been witnessing to all who will listen. There is a prisoner locked up across from him and Ruben has had the chance to witness to him.  There isn't anyone in there who could doubt Ruben is a Pastor.  There are really so many things that God did within these few days that I can't even write about because this blog would be even longer however one of my sister's friends was praying for us and it was one of the first prophetic words we received and she said, "All I hear The Lord say is life, Life will be birthed out of this situation. Declaring life."  On Thursday the first life was birthed from this situation.  Ruben and I were able to talk to his father and lead him to the Lord.  The joy that Ruben experienced was inconceivable.  He told me that if he lost his eye so that his father could be saved it was worth it.  We are believing that more people will come to know the Lord through this situation. As Ruben said, "Rescuing people from the enemy."  

   Yesterday, Friday, was the operation.  When the Doctor came out I was made aware of a miracle, maybe not what we were expecting, but nonetheless a miracle.  The Doctor told me that the wound was worse than they could see from the outside but once inside they could see the wound went all the way behind the eye.  He said, Normally with a wound such as this the standard procedure would be to remove the entire eye"  but this Doctor removed the damaged part and reconstructed the eye ball so that the white part would still be there.  This is such a miracle because when the entire eyeball is removed the facial structure changes because it leaves a big hole.  So thank God he did all he could to help Ruben.  Now the process is waiting for it to scar over and getting the prosthetic eye.  

God is not finished and we know He can still do great and marvelous things.  We are still praying and declaring restoration for his left eye.  And life will be birthed from this situation and we will still praise the Lord!

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  1. Oh my!!! I heart is broken.....I am so sorry. I will be praying. JESUS JESUS JESUS.