Practical Evangelism

Our church believes in practical evangelism. What is practical evangelism? Well something different than going door to door handing out tracts....and there is nothing wrong with that.  But we just want to go at it a different way; do practical day to day things that attract young people to God's love and also encourage the youth we do have, in the church, to get involved.

Homeless Shelter

We returned to the homeless shelter but this time we brought them dinner.  They are given beans and rice and coffee for dinner so we brought a bunch of tamales to add their meal.  We also served them their food and gave away clothes and personal items.

Soccer Tournament

Our youth group is hosting an 8 team, 2 month long soccer tournament. So that is 80 young people and most of them are not from other churches.  They play from 3-5 every Sunday. Some of our youth are playing but most come to help keep stats and give out water.  In between games Ruben always gives a short devotion, prays, and invites them to church.  We are hoping to see the fruits of these two evangelistic activities and that being people coming to know the love of Christ and making a decision to live for him.

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