Neon Fun Run

Saturday night our youth group, Conexion, hosted a 5k neon fun run.  The run was to raise money for the homeless people at the shelter we frequent.  We had about 40 people participate and being that it was a night run we had police escorts as well.  It was a lot of fun for everyone.  Even Ruben tried to jump in on the action until I saw him and made him get back in the truck with me.

Sunday we went to church, for the first time since the accident, and Ruben shared a little bit with the congregation.  It was so so good to be back and it made Ruben feel good to receive so much love and support from everyone.  Something Ruben said in church was, "Before this I never thanked God for my two eyes, my two ears, hands, ect.  I might have generally thanked God for my health but one doesn't think to get so specific because you feel as if you will always have those members. It is until something such as this happens that you truly realize how thankful you should be."
Thank the Lord for all he has given you; don't wait until it is to late.

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