Bread for the Broken

Ruben and I, along with our Pastor, don't want to keep our students constantly inside the four walls of the church.  We meet on Friday nights and once a month on a Friday night we are going to hit the streets.  This past Friday we went to a homeless shelter in the neighborhood.  I had never been to an homeless shelter in the States much less in Central America so I had no idea what to expect.  I also didn't know that most homeless shelters in El Salvador are filled with elderly people.  There is no social security for the elderly so if you don't have family to take of you. you have nothing.  That's why you see so many elderly begging on the streets.  Also, if you were wounded in the war there is no help from the government so that was another reason some are homeless.  There were around 80-90 at the shelter when we got there, the majority being men and maybe eight women.  If I understood correctly the women live there.  I'm not sure if the shelter was ran by an NGO or by the government.  We brought them coffee and cookies and raffled off a few things we brought and we were all so amazed by how happy and content they were.  After everyone was served our Pastor spoke for a few minutes and we prayed for them and afterwards we all found someone and chatted for a while.

This little old lady was so cute.  After I took this picture I showed her and she said, "Who is that old lady in the picture?"  and started laughing.  She also showed me her crochet and said that her mom taught her when she was seven years old.

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