Soccer Tournament

Last night our youth group hosted a soccer tournament as an outreach tool.  The idea was that the teenagers interested in playing would form their own teams with their friends who don't go to church.  It was a success and it didn't rain, thank God.  We had about 100 young people participate; around 9 guy teams and two girl teams.  I'm proud to say my team won second place....out of the two teams who played.  It was a lot of fun and hopefully there will be young people who will want to get involved with church and more importantly have a true relationship with Jesus.
 It was also a great opportunity for our youth to invite their friends that wouldn't typically be interested in church.  We didn't have a big service or anything because the atmosphere of a tournament isn't really the place to have that but Ruben gave a short reflection during the break on how much God values us, no matter what we do.  He used a $5.00 bill as an illustration and said whoever wants this money come up and get it. Of course someone goes and runs up. Ruben threw it on the ground, crumpled up, and spit on it and asked everyone if the value changed. Of course it didn't money is money regardless how it looks and the same is with us in God's eyes.

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