Whale Watching

On February 18 Ruben and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary.  It was so much fun to get away and celebrate our first year.  We decided to go to a beach called Los Cobanos so that we could snorkel.  Definitely off the beaten path but that is the kind of places we like.  The first day we snorkeled all we could and just relaxed on the beach.  We also saw a spectacular sunset.

The next morning we were offered a really good deal through Cobonos Tours, we also stayed in their hostel, to go whale watching and snorkel at a 100 year old sunken cargo ship.  We decided it was to good of a deal to pass up and went.  I am so glad we did because it was an amazing experience that I will never forget.  We were so close to two humpback whales, a mom and her baby.  We also saw a giant sea turtle.

After the whale watching we went snorkeling in the middle of the ocean at a sunken cargo ship.  It was really neat because normally snorkeling you don't get to see ships and such. Usually that is for scuba divers but the tide was out and the mast of the ship was barely showing and the visibility was super clear you could see all the way to the bottom.  When I say we were swimming with millions of fish I'm not exaggerating, I felt like I was in Nemo or The Little Mermaid. It was so neat and beautiful. 

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