Upcoming AG District Youth Camp

During Spring Break we will be having our annual Assembly of God district youth camp.
Ruben and I are in charge of the camp and everyone on staff has accepted the challenge to find donations to help pay for the food.  Last year we had around 300 students and we are expecting at least 400 this year.  That is a lot of food and the cost of the camp doesn't come close to covering the food costs.  To be able to purchase the food that is needed to feed 400 people it will cost about $3,500.
I'm asking you to pray and ask for God's direction in donating toward this cause.  For those who give to this ministry we will ensure that you receive a receipt for tax purposes.  By helping us buy the food you will be blessing hundreds of young people in El Salvador and making this camp possible.
If you are interested please contact me at holdfast225@gmail.com.

Some pictures from last years camp.

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