Children's Hospital Visit

Saturday we brought our youth group, ConeXion, to the National Children's Hospital.  We went to work with children who have cancer. First, we did a show for the children receiving chemo but who are not hospitalized.   We had clowns, songs, played games, balloons and prizes for them. It was such a blessing to receive two boxes full of school supplies from Amy McHolland because I was able to use some of the supplies to make gift bags for the children.  

After the show we went to visit those who were hospitalized. We split into two groups so we could visit and pray for all the children in the cancer ward.  It was a very sad and sobering experience.  As one of the groups started to visit the children they were told that one of the children, whom they thought was sleeping, had just passed away.  The response of everyone was, "If we could have only got there a little earlier."  It hurt to see these children suffering and affected everyone.  
Ruben and I were especially burdened for this family.  The little boy is Axel and while we were talking and praying for them both the mom and dad had tears running down their cheeks.  What a privilege to bring a little normalcy to the lives of these precious children who are suffering day in and day out.  Many of the children were in great moods and happy despite their situations but the parents were the ones super burdened and hurting for their children.  It was the parents to whom we really were able to minister to. Please pray for the healing and restoration of these children! 

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