Ranting and Raving About TOMS

If you follow my blog you know I am an avid fan of TOMS. Not only are they just a super cool shoe but I see the evidence of their mission.  Yesterday and today Ruben was working with a Latin America Child Care School camp. He told me that TOMS sent down 17,000 pairs of shoes for every single kid that studies in a LACC school in El Salvador.  I think it is important that all you TOMS wearers know that it is legit and they are providing solid footwear for kids all over the world. I can attest to at least in El Salvador and Nicaragua where I have actually seen kids running around in their shoes completely  unaware that it is in style to have a pair.

Another reason for my loyalty to the company is I bought a pair for Ruben's birthday.  Due to advice given to me by many I bought a size down. Well, needless to say, after Ruben's excitement of having a pair of TOMS when he tried them on he couldn't even get his foot in.  Both of us were bummed.  I checked the site and they are way cool with exchanges and returns but within 60 days.  August 14 is the 60th day and my mom comes down at the end of July and returns after August 14. So it seemed as if we were up a river without a paddle. Until my mom decided to call TOMS and explain our situation. They were way cool and are going to send her a pair that is the correct size for Ruben and when she goes back she will mail back the ones that were the incorrect size. So problem solved and everyone is happy.

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