Youth Service and Garden Tour

Giving away t-shirts.

One of the challenges was to be the first person to run up and give me 5 cell phones.

Powerful alter time after the preaching by Edwin Garcia

The night was ended by live music from a church called "Calles Para Cristo" which means
The Streets for Christ.

Clan de Sangre

Friday night was the Central Zone Youth District's prayer service.  They call it a Vigilia, in which they stay usually stay up all night long but this service ended at midnight.  It is like a church service but with different activities and longer.  Usually there are two different worship bands so two times of praise and worship.  We did a lot of games and challenges in between to give away the prizes than many different people had donated. The grand prize was a Nike soccer ball donated by a good friend in the States.  There was a special speaker named Edwin Garcia and a hip hop band from the church "Calles para Cristo".  Their ministry is really cool because most of the young people are ex gang members, or were drug addicts, ect and God changed their lives.  It is an urban street ministry that does graffiti, breakdancing, hip hop.  

San Salvador

Saturday two of our friends asked us to come along with them as they checked out different gardens to have their wedding this upcoming December.  We gladly went along and saw some very beautiful places. My favorite was a place called La Giralda.  It was on the edge of the mountain and full of flowers and had wonderful coffee and a delicious banana foster.  I will definitely be returning.

Sunday was an early day in which we had to leave San Salvador for the city of Ahuachapan to give a CCI course to a remarkable group of young people.  These young people are World Warriors in King's Castle, not the World Warrior's I used to work with, but Salvadoran's who have gone through intense training to reach this level.  They are young people who love the Lord, are on fire, and are active in their church and evangelism.  It really is neat how even though I am not directly with King's Castle anymore the Lord is still opening up opportunities to work the young people who are the product of this  ministry. 

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