Wedding Pictures

I realized that I haven't put up any of my wedding pictures.  I have chosen my absolute favorites. The pictures we taken by my good friend, and also King's Castle missionary, Karen Nicholls.  She did such an amazing job.  

 We were married on February 18, 2012.  In Spanish the day is put first and the month second.
 The finishing touch.
 My mom, my sister, and flower girl adjusting my birdcage veil.
 My sister, maid of honor, praying for me right before I walk down the aisle.
 My dad walking me down.
Wedding in El Salvador have a time of preaching and usually weddings are very long so it is normal to have chairs for the bride and groom to sit in.

Also, a Latin tradition, is the lasso which is kind of the same thing as the unity candle or the mixing of sand.
A done deal.

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