Not Much to Celebrate

Mother's Day....Huge celebration.  Father's Day....not so much.  Why?  The main reason is that many just don't know their dads or if they do, they don't live with them.  It is really a sad situation and is a factor to some of the social issues that now plague El Salvador.  I recently had to do a census in my class for the Ministry of Education and it turns out that the majority of the children live with both parents.  I believe three come from divorced families and two live in an orphanage. I didn't know this but the other Second grade teacher told me that our classes were the only ones doing something for Father's Day.   The kids either didn't want to do it and/or the father issue brought to surface to much sadness.   I told my kids that the gift can be for a grandfather, uncle, or any other father figure in their life but to remember that God is our true father in whom we can always count on.

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