Love Tap from the Lord

I used to get mad at my parents or grandparents when they gave me a love tap.  It never hurt but I guess because I wasn't expecting it that it startled me in which made me mad.  Well, I got a little love tap from the Lord yesterday. Let me explain.  In all my years in El Salvador King's Castle had a lawyer that helps all the missionaries with their residency requirements.  Well, this lawyer would help me but I just don't have the extra money to pay him so Ruben and I decided to do it on our own.  My residency expires in two weeks so I thought getting everything together last week and renewing it this week would be plenty of time.  We thought we had all the documents but I wanted to go to the Immigration Office to make sure I had everything before the actual appointment.  So we go and they don't let Ruben in because only the person applying can go in.  Then the guard lady almost didn't let me in because I didn't have my passport. I kindly explained I just wanted some information.  She lets me in and the three girls at the information desk are incredibly rude and negative.  One says that you have to have an appointment one month a head and if one thing is missing they can revoke my residency.  I tried to ask some questions I had about the documents and another one said, "Can you read? Well the form you has tells you everything you need."  Exasperated at this point but still kind I say, "Yes, I can read but I am confused that is why I am asking." They reply, "There is nothing we can do. You need to have an appointment to talk to the Immigration worker and for that you have to have your passport."  I leave almost in tears.  When I get in the car I break down and angrily explain what happened to Ruben.  Of course I'm kind of freaking out and asking myself why didn't I start this earlier and what if they send me back?  We get home and we pray and I settle down and anticipate the appointment I have the next day which was today.  Well, that love tap happened later on in the day when the Lord gently said to me, "You may not have been unkind to the workers but your reaction of getting all upset, angry, and frustrated was not the reaction of a Christian who is walking in the Victory."  I agreed and decided I wasn't going to believe the negative things those girls said.  I also told certain friends and family members to be praying.  So today when I went I didn't have any problems and walked out of that building with my new residency card. I am so thankful for God's faithfulness and provision in my life.

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