Hat Day for Tammy

Part of my class who participated in Hat Day.

The best girl hats.

Jimena and Anthony had the craziest hats of all.

Today was Hat Day in my second grade class; and only in my class.  Why? Because, Tammy Ogden a missionary in El Salvador with King's Castle, is having her fourth chemo treatment today.  She declared it hat day for all her friends and family members. I thought it would be fun to get my students involved.  In the morning, during our devotion, I explained to them why we were having hat day and they were all very solemn.  They all wanted to lead a prayer for Tammy.  I chose Diego Martinez and he prayed for Tammy as if she were his friend.  I teared up during the prayer knowing that God would honor it because it came from one of his treasures.  We all miss John and Tammy in El Salvador and we ready for them to get back!

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