Greatest Fear

Today I had a spiritual breakthrough with my students.  We have a 15 minute devotion every morning and on Tuesdays they go to chapel and after chapel the teachers have a reflection and application time.  In this time, after chapel, was when the breakthrough happened.  The topic was "God Protects Us Because He Loves Us." One of the questions was, "What is your greatest fear?" One of my students said with tears in his eyes that his greatest fear was loosing his parents. Which of course made me teary eyed and I shared that too is a fear of mine.  A few other kids agreed and some others said their greatest fear is their parents divorcing.  At this time many of the kids are teary eyed and all were listening and very serious.  Two of my problematic kids, who come from divorced homes, openly shared how difficult it was for them when there parents divorced, what had happened, and who God sent to them to comfort them in those difficult moments.  We always pray after devotions but I usually have the kids take turns praying.  However, I really felt God leading my to pray and I did.  The presence of God was so strong. I know that I was touched and I am positive the kids were as well.  It was so precious to hear them praying as I was praying and when I finished seeing them wipe the tears from their eyes.  What a privilege to be a positive influence in the lives of these precious children.

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