Construction Zone

Our house does not have regular city water.  We have water from a natural spring...yes we are blessed with pure, ice cold water.  The down side to that is nice ice cold showers which at times feels great; like in the middle of the day. But early in the morning or at night the spray of ice water prickling my body is not welcomed.  So after four months of ice water I thought spending $15.00 to put in an electric water warmer (aka widow maker) on the shower would be a good investment.  Yes, the nickname is rather scary but to have warmer water we decided to take the chance.  Ruben and I discussed and he told me it would easy to put in so we purchased it.

 As you can see it was not quite as easy as Ruben had imagined. In fact, we had to call a friend who is an electrician come over and help.  Also the old shower head had never been removed and all the screws and such had been stripped and oxidized and broke. Then the concrete wall had to be broken to add length to the pipe so it would be higher.  
 This is the semi finished project. Obviously we have to fix the hole in the wall and sometime soon all the white part of the wall will be tile. But the goal was hot water and hot water we now have.
 This was another Pinterest project of mine.  Most Salvadoran homes do not have closets.  It is a mystery I have yet to understand.  So "building" a closet is what we had to do.  We made an entire wall a closet.  We both did not like how it looked open with all our stuff.  So, thank to Pinterest, we put up a bar from one side of the wall to other and bought three curtains.
It is not as awesome as having a real closet but it looks nice and neat.  

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