Counseling Children With Toys

 I teach 2nd grade at an Assembly of God private school.  I love teaching 2nd grade.  My job is perfect for me.  However, I want to do more.  I want to play a more active role in a child's life.  When I heard that the Bible teacher/Pastor, of the school, wanted to start a ministry for counseling children using toys I was all in.
 Today was our first training and we will continue to take training classes but also learning as we go a long.  There is such a need for counselors, at the school ,that the children's pastors and psychologist on staff do not have enough time to see all the children.  Thus birthed the idea to start this ministry and incorporate teachers who had a desire to participate.  Since I teach 2nd grade I most likely will counsel a child in preschool or kindergarten.  The child that is assigned to me will be the only child I counsel all year long. So for a 35-45 minute weekly session for one whole year I will be able to counsel one of these children that is in need of somebody to listen, somebody to pray with, and someone to play with.
Why counseling with toys? Well, there are many different reasons but the main reason is that children communicate through playing. Playing is a voluntary and natural activity.  Playing helps physical and mental development. Toy therapy is a dynamic and interpersonal relationship with the child and therapist. There is much more to this philosophy in which you can read more by looking up Dr. Garry Landerth.  I am more than thrilled to be a part of this new ministry and I'm looking forward to learning more and helping a child by playing with him.

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  1. Hey, Kristal! Your mom gave me a link to your blog. It's great to see how well you are doing!
    -Mandy Riddle (Corey Hill's sister from Gen. Prentiss)