Youth Camp

 The Central Zone youth camp was held in the mountains of Chalatenengo.  About 300 teenagers were a part of the camp "More Than a Warrior."  It was my first time to be part of the staff at Embajadores de Cristo (Ambassadors of Christ) annual youth camp. Embajadores de Cristo is the Assembly of God youth department here in El Salvador.
 This is César (left) and his pastor Eduardo on the right.  César is a gang member. Eduardo, the pastor, has a ministry that works with gang members.  César has been in the program for about three months.  I think César enjoyed the camp more than anyone and it was evident that God touched him while he was there.  There was also a girl who was an ex gang member who has been saved three years now and is active in this same program and youth group.  Pastor Eduardo is doing great things, with his leadership team, reaching out to the gang members.

Ruben and I were asked to share on the topic The Faithfulness of a Warrior for the last service of the camp.  I was so nervous but the Lord spoke through me and I know lives were touched.  I have been praying, "God use me, God use me."  This was WAY out of my comfort zone but that is where He wants me to be.

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