Tripa Chuca-A Fun Salvadoran Game

Being an ESL teacher has so many advantages. One of them is being able to immerse yourself in the culture that you are living in and learn new, fun things.  I may have been teaching my students English but they in return taught me a traditional Salvadoran game. 

Tripa Chuca (Dirty Guts) is a really fun stationary game that you play with two people. It is a Salvadoran game that my ESL students taught me. Being an ESL teacher is so great because you really get to imerge yourself in their culture and learn fun games likes this.  Try this game out. #tripachuca #eslteaching #elsalvador
 Tripa Chuca is a Salvadoran game that literally means, prepare yourself, "dirty intestines or guts". I know it sounds crude but it really is a fun game that the kids play here.  

Oh, the things I learn as a 2nd grade teacher. 

I think I was more excited about playing the game than my students were...not really. They beg me to play all day long.  I don't give in until car pool time. 

So this game, let's call it "Dirty Bowels" is simple.  

1. You take a piece of paper and you write the numbers 1-10 o 1-20 all over in random order but you have to have two sets of each number.

2. Player one starts in order with number 1.  You have to find the other one and draw a line to it without touching any of the numbers.

3. Continue switching turns and going in numerical order trying to reach 20.

It is easy at first but once you start getting to 4 and 5 there are lines everywhere and you can't touch them.  The person who touches a number or other line "intestine" loses.  It is very simple and can be played with two people, a piece of paper, and two different color pencils, pens, or markers.

So grab a pencil, paper, and a friend and get a game of Dirty Guts going.   

I found a tutorial that is in Spanish but you can at least visibly see how it works.  How To Play Tripa Chuca