I'm 30

El Tunco
The weekend before my birthday Ruben took me to the beach to celebrate my birthday.  We stayed the night and it was a wonderful birthday getaway.

I woke up on April 24,2012 to Ruben blowing noise makers, playing Happy Birthday on his cell phone and this cupcake.  It was so cute of him!  He did many things to make my day special.

In one of my classes the kids all hid under their desks and when I came in the room they all yelled, "Happy Birthday" and gave and gave me a hug...all 26 of them.  Then they all gave me hand made birthday cards and sang me Happy Birthday. So adorable.

Ruben cooking
Ruben came home from Bible School, before I got off of work, and cooked me a delicious lunch.  It was his speciality, that he made up, "Choripapa." Which consisted of potatoes and chorizo. It was really good.  He also prepared a salad and crab fingers.

The greatest surprise of all was when we were going to eat Sushi at my favorite place.  I thought it was just going to be Ruben and I but when I arrived my friends were there as well.  He even asked my friend Karen to make cupcakes. Each cupcake had a little flag that said 30! I have the most amazing husband who made my 30th birthday very special and memorable.

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