Daylight Savings TIme: I Can't Escape It

Daylight savings time is not something that is put into affect in El Salvador; we stay the same time all year long.  I didn't even realize today was daylight savings time.  Last night Ruben and I decided we were going to get up early to go run before church.  Here in the house we only have water at certain times.  Our water schedule is 5-9 in the morning, 12-2, and 6-9.  Usually, it doesn't affect us but we wanted to go run so we could get back in time to shower before church.  So I set my alarm for 7:00 am.  I started to wake up and I looked at my ipod and it was 8:55 am.  I had set my alarm but I had the sound low so I didn't hear it.  I jumped up in a panic and told  Ruben it is 5 til 9 so he says hurry, go take a shower.  I scrambled around, half asleep, and showered as quick as I could so he could shower as well.  I got dressed and as I was drinking my coffee and messing around on the computer Ruben gets out of the shower and turns on the news. He asks me, "Kristal, what time is it?" I look at my computer and say 9:30.  He started to look for his phone and tells me,  "Kristal, my phone and the news both say it is 8:30."  It then hit me that my ipod and computer automatically changed to daylight savings time and I didn't realize it.  So we could have gone for a run and had time to take showers, eat breakfast and then go to church. Instead we are ready early but we both had a good laugh about it.

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