Wedding Details

I found lots of cute little ideas on pinterest and the knot and with the creativity of my mom I was able to have many neat, little details that made my wedding unique.  Here are some of the things we did.
 The flower girl basket a normal basket and my mom and grandmother made fabric yo-yo's and put them all over the basket.
 My colors were purple and orange because my favorite flowers are Birds of Paradise and that is what we were using to decorate and my bouquet was made out of them.  We bought purple napkins from a party store, bought a fleur de lis stamp, and had a personalized stamp made with our names and the date. It is important to buy an ink that is waterproof.
 This was the ring bearers pillow. My mom made it from the extra material cut off of my wedding gown, material from her wedding gown, and the broach was from my Grandmother's wedding gown.
 Typically, Salvadorans don't have piñatas at weddings.  I read that is something that is done in Mexico however, I thought it would be a lot of fun, and it was.
 Like the fleur de lis I wanted to have small touches that represented who I am and where I am from.  The miniature Tabasco bottles are such a staple of Louisiana I thought it would be a cute touch.  We bought blank business cards and printed our names and date and put "You have warmed our hearts for sharing this special day with us." For the children we passed out bubbles and they had all the goodies from the piñata.
I saw the idea of a card box on pinterest and I saved various size boxes and my mom wrapped them and taped them together.  The largest box went on the bottom and we cut a slot so cards could be deposited.

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